This GOLDMINE Software helps you pull massive amounts of leads for any niche.


Millions Of Leads At Your Fingertips   With 1 Click

Every State, Every City In United States

On Screenshot Above,   Phone Number, Fax Number & Website Is There but you have to scroll to right.

What Information Is Included?

1.  Business Type
(  School, Realtor , Church, Salon etc)
2.  Business Name

3.  Owners Personal Email

4. Business Full Address

5. City, State & Zip

6. Phone Number & Fax Number

7. Website

New Leads are Added as soon as we receive them & Outdated information is updated.

Powerful Lead Finder Tool

Set your parameters of what you want to find & System Will Find It For You By searching millions of leads available.

Export Leads With Just A Click

JayKay,  How Do I Monetize this?

  1. Cold Call Them
  2. Write them an Email
  3. Text/Mass Text them
  4. Become a "Leads Guy" and sell leads to others.
  5. Upload it to FB Audience and run targetted ads.
  6. Sell them SEO, Web Design
  7. Direct Marketing
  8. Sell Direct Marketing Leads
  9. Become The "Business Opp" guy

However you wish, but some examples:

^ all of that & more for $67.. 😆   Pretty silly if you don't grab this.

P.S.  You don't have to do this..  You can just keep your money in your bank.

Do I have to be in US to use this data?

United States is the BIGGEST consumer of B2B services. You don't need to be in US to market to US Businesses. US is A GOLDMINE.!

Upcoming Features

  • Build your own "List"
  • Email Notifications based on your search criteria. 

What Early Access Customer Say:

   At $67 ONCE It's Priced As A "No Brainer"

Business Leads Platform

We Are Offering EASY Secure Payments Via PayPal For This Product. WHEN You Do NOT Have PayPal Simply Use The Pay With Credit Card "As A Guest" Option.
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NO Bullshit OTOs

All Accounts Come With UNLIMITED Searches/Downloads & Commercial Agency License. There is NO LIMITATIONS.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where is data coming from?
Data is coming from local clerk offices around USA via a Paid API that we have already paid for.

2. How is leads collected?
When a new business is registered, the default option is to keep this data public. Our API pulls the data.

3.  Is this data legal?
You can get this data for free or small fee if you go to a local clerk website.   Companies scrape this all the time.

4. Is there any limitations?
Nope!, but you are responsible for your actions.   We are just providing public data in a nice way.

Of Course, As Always, We Offer Our Company Guaranteed 30 Days 100% NO FUSS Refund.

You Don't Like Our Software Contact - We Refund Your Investment Within 24 Hours & Cancel Your License Key So Your Software Becomes Useless. (If You're Already Thinking About Refund Please DON'T Bother Buying. You End Up With Nothing!)

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